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Lack of clean water. Like many other countrie in the world, Poland struggles with the results of natural disasters. Quite often such calamities bring suffering to local population taking away their accommodations, cutting off power, gas and even such basic goods as clean water. Water contamination may be also a result of other accidents (intentional or unintentional pollution, for example leakage of petroleum substances into a drinkable water reservoir).

Drinkable water deprivation often causes far- reaching troubles: starting from the most obvious – patterns of work in hospitals and clinics, then influence ordinary peoples' lives and finally handicaps food industry.

An insurance compensation usually covers only loses caused by the disaster alone and is paid no sooner than an expert visits the site, estimate the damages and concludes the exact evaluation. It is worth to be prepared in case of a natural disaster, especially in vulnerable regions (for example by floods).


In order to face such problem we have created the Water Partner formula. It is a comprehensive range of water treatment services.

What we manufacture and offer are field water filters (FPW), modular field water storages (MPMW), container water purification stations (KSW). What is more, we provide chemical agents for water treatment. Our products are used by the Polish Army, which means that our filters must be certified as well as the company must obtain quality assurance certificates.

Basing on many years of our experience in water treatment we have created a system able to purify water in no time in any place. We are on a constant vigil, so that to deliver clean water to any place in Poland in 24 hours. Our success and peoples' safety is ensured by:

  • - constant monitoring of incidents,
  • - liaison with relevant bodies,
  • - maintaining inventories of materials and supplies,
  • - maintaining a perfect technical condition of the filters,
  • - intervention team.


The hard core of the whole system is qualified staff! They are two people operating container water purification station + a technician. It is a crew, which took an active part in the process of designing, upgrading and servicing all filters, stations and water tanks we offer. They are also responsible for providing trainings regarding handling and maintenance of the products from our offer.

Basic purification unit is a container station, which output reaches 3500 l. per hour. It can deal with all possible kinds of contamination: chemical, biological and even radioactive!


Using Water Partner is an investment in safety. Due to our experience gained over the years of our service for the Polish Army, we are ready to face any challenge regarding water purification! Partner Systems will surely come to any place, where there is water in need of purification because of random accident.

Most important features:

  • Drinkable water in any place
  • Best-qualified staff
  • Certified quality
  • Full protection and safety
  • Rapid response intervention team
  • Clean water in no more than 24 hours
  • Constant monitoring of distributed water

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