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PARTNER Systems Ltd has been operating as a company since 2000. It specializes in manufacturing filtering devices for water purification in crisis situations (natural disasters, terrorist attacks, accidental or deliberate water contamination) and devices for storing drinkable water in field.

Our filters remove natural , chemical , biological, and radioactive contaminants. They can be used until the destroyed water systems and water points are restored – for instance in hospitals, refugee camps, mass human clusters. The design of the filters allows for quick shifting, maneuvering and deployment.

Quality and innovative character of our products brought us awards and certificates for particular items from our offer. Many years of experience and specially trained staff made it possible for the Company to get ISO Certificate 9002:2008 and AQAP 2110:2009. The company has been granted a concession B-022/2010 for manufacturing and trade of military or police equipment.

Due to the defense assortment which falls over KWO classification and rendering services for defense, the Company was granted a status of NCAGE - NATO Commercial and Government Entity number 1021H.

Furthermore, the Company offers wide selection of products and services regarding manufacturing steel constructions (low and middle-sized) for the civilian market.

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