MultiPartner Project Snow plows, gritters, sweepers
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Snow plows

We offer snow plows (single and double), that can be fixed on special cars, tractors and other vehicles.* They are used for removing snow from parking lots, streets, squares, sidewalks, and all other roads and pavements both paved and unpaved. The plows satisfy the highest demands for quality. They are designed in a way so that their handling and maintenance, even in the most difficult conditions, is effortless for their owners.

MultiPartner P2000
Working width 2000 mm**
Height 660 mm
Blade rubber
Weight 142 kg

MultiPartner MPS2000
Working width 2000 mm**
Height 650 mm
Blade rubber
Weight 130 kg

MultiPartner PV2000
Working width 2000 mm** Height in the center 670 mm Height at the sides 815 mm Blade rubber Weight 222 kg Other folding blade


Gritters are devices designed for sprinkling slippery surface with salt, sand or combined salt and sand to provide a better grip on frozen surfaces and melting ice and snow. It is a basic device for winter road maintenance. The device is equipped with a hydraulic drive and is operated from the cab of the vehicle, thereby providing comfort to the operator as well as improving work done on the road. A tank (for salt, sand, fine grit) is a part of the gritter and its capacity is approx. 1m3 (on request we can make larger or smaller gritters).

MultiPartner S1000
Capacity 1 m3
Width 1500 mm
Length 2500 mm
Height 1100 mm
Weight 400 kg
Other operated from the cab


Sweeper is designed for cleaning paved surfaces, pavements, paths, parking lots (also in winter conditions). It helps to remove dirt resulting from the use of sand or salt in winter and other trash (leaves , sand etc.).


All presented plows are by default equipped with three-point hitch (for tractors) so that they could be be mounted on TUZ or to the faceplate of Multicar vehicles. On request, we can design and make attachment to any vehicle. We also offer sets of lights for the presented devices.

* When purchasing is possible to select attachment (optionally we can adapt a custom hook).
**Available also with working width 2200 mm.

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