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15th anniversary of Partner Systems

  • 8.06.2016
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On Friday, 29th May 2015 we were happy to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of our Company.

The celebration gathered together the company's staff and our guests. We summed up 15 years of our history, starting from the establishment the Company by Alicja and Dariusz Zabrowarni, through first contracts with the Ministry of Defense, the transformation towards a ltd. company up to the present projects. The President of the Company Dariusz Zabrowarny was granted awards and distinctions including the title of Amicus Honoris Causa handed in by the Head of The Private Schools Unit Danuta Kordykiewicz, 'Leader of state security' award nomination, a statuette as a token of gratitude for cooperation handed in by the President of the Association of Suppliers for Uniformed Services Andrzej Ligus, words of gratitude and a symbolic plate handed in by Ph.D. Waldemar Maliszewski on behalf of Military Institute of Technical Engineering in Wroclaw.

The President and the Development Manager in appreciation of long lasting cooperation awarded the longest involved employees, permanent contractors, associates and others.

It has been 15 years of work, we express our gratitude to all our Contractors and Associates and wish them continuous and fruitful cooperation.

On 3rd of June 2015 a press article on the Company's 15th Anniversary was publish in 'Tygodnik Czluchowski'. The text of the article can be found in the gallery below.
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Water Fairs in Berlin

  • 5.09.2014
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25 marca 2015 r. the team from Partner Systems has been at Berlin Water Fairs.

During the Fairs we were able to learn the latest trends regarding water treatment, storage and transit. Water Fairs in Berlin are visited by entrepreneurs from all over the world, what allows for a direct contact with the manufacturers, who possess brilliant solutions from different parts of the globe. We managed to make many new business contacts, which we are going to cooperate with in the future.

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The International Defense Industry Exhibition 2014 in Kielce

  • 30.03.2015
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From 1st to 4th September 2014 our company took part in The International Defense Industry Exhibition at Kielce Fairs.

At the exhibition we demonstrated our latest products: PetroPartner Soft – flexible fuel tank, Container water purification station – KSW 3, as well as well-known portable field filter FPW-50.

During the exhibition we had the pleasure to receive a distinction of The Association of Suppliers for Uniformed Services handed by the President of the Association.

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Training in Wroclaw

  • 2.05.2013
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From 29th to 30th April 2015 at The Center for Engineering and Chemical Warfare Drill in Wroclaw at Obornicka Street Partner Systems organized a training regarding "Construction and usage mobile the water filters FPW-50 and FPW-350". The participants were over 40 soldiers representing the military units from all over Poland.

The training was divided into theoretical and practical parts and was concluded with a short test. It was, therefore, possible for each training participant to measure the level of the learnt knowledge and the gained skill and evaluate any mistakes. The training was run by Krzysztof Sienkiewicz and Wojciech Wruszczak.

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Clean water for Katanga

  • 4.02.2013
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Our company is one of few Polish companies, which can be successful on a very difficult market of Democratic Republic of the Congo. We have been working for over two years to win this market and our efforts on this field have brought good and satisfactory results.

Eventually, in The Katanga Province there will be 38 units of FPW50 filters made of our Company. In spite of the risk, which is unavoidable when dealing and investing in those regions, we are very positive and optimistic. We have the support of the Minister of Health Promotion, however the final decision is up to the Governor.

It is also noticeable, that the only Polish company, which succeeded in entering the Congolese market was KGHM. However, the Polish copper tycoon couldn't manage there and eventually left the market.

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Newsweek's Family Companies

  • 6.04.2012
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We are pleased to inform that our Company was noticed in prestigious ranking "Family Companies 2012" of Newsweek Poland.

The ranking showed the most dynamic Polish family companies. The distinction for having reached a high place in the ranking was taken by the Partner Systems' proxy Ms Marta Zabrowarna – Szulc on 5th April 2012 during a Gala in Hilton Hotel in Gdansk. During the event we met the most dynamically growing family companies of Pomorskie voivodeship. Over 100 guest from over 40 companies from the voivodeship came to the celebration.

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