RygipsPartner Systems supporting installation and transport of panels
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Panel installation? A piece of cake!

RygipsPartner is a system for supporting installation of plasterboard, chipboard, MDF, OSB on a celling or slanted walls, main component of which is a lift. Its special design allows for easy installation at any angle whereas a system of brocades keeps the panel in requested position and prevents from any shifts. The device enable quick and comfortable panel installation. Components of the system are made of steel, which guarantees durability and long life even if used intensively.

The RygipsPartner system needs only one operator compared to two or three people required if traditional installation is considered. It means even triple reduction of demand for workforce. RygipsPartner can prove an indispensable facilitator for work done by the construction and finishing companies. It is also worth considering by the construction equipment rental companies. Due to its attractive price, RygipsPartner is affordable and cost-efficient even for modest projects such as detached house. RygipsPartner is an investment, which pays off in no time and does not generates additional cost, as it is easily operated and does not require special maintenance.

A lift is the main component of the RygipsPartner system. It is designed in a way so that when folded it can be placed in a trunk of a passenger car.

An effector is an extremely simple device both in terms of design and handling. However, it helps to speed up work and improve the safety. Transporting big panels becomes a child's play, as they can be moved using a comfortable handle. The effector is a much better option compared to carrying the panel in hands.

A trolley is a device for transporting panels and it also proves a great tool for carrying doors. It makes moving doors and panels easier and more convenient as well as protects them from accidental abrasions and scratches.

5-panel trolley is an upgraded version of a trolley for panels (its load is sufficient for 5 pieces of plasterboard!). The device guarantees quick and secure transportation platform for panels and doors.

Specification (Lift)
Operator: 1 person
Max panel weight: 68 kg
Max panel dimentions: 1280 x 4880 mm
Lift reach: 3800 mm
Dimentions when folded: 1300 x 500 x 350 mm
Weight of the lift: 46 kg

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