Sponsorship Who do we help and why?
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We help!

Apart from the current manufacturing activities, Partner Systems carries out tasks in widely defined social assistance. For many years we have been helping NGOs, foundations, social welfare center, schools, associations such as:

- The Polish Red Cross,
- The Stefan Batory Foundation,
- Earth's Friends 1st Primary School in Człuchowie,
- District Scholarship Fund,
- Crocus Czluchow Teetotaler Club.

Let's do some sport!

The management of Partner Systems does not limit its activities merely to business and social help.


Partner Systems knows how important sport is. Together we bring to life a volleyball team. The team in the current composition was established at the first days of January 2015. The female players have been involved in volleyball for many years, they have played for Warsaw teams such as MKS MOS Warszawa-Wola, AWF. PS team consists of 7 women full of passion for sport, who started playing together in white and blue colours at the Bialoleckie Rozgrywki Sportowe – one of the biggest amateur sports leagues in Poland. The PS team finished the first season on the eighth position in the league.

Next season starts in October 2015.


This yeas (as well as in the previous one) we got focused on the promotion of the motorsport, precisely Drift. The driver we sponsor is young ant gifted Kornel Prus. Since 2012 he has been driving BMW M3 E46 with Corvetta z06 engine, the car homes now over 900 horsepower!

Sponsorship builds and strengthens our brand. It makes our company open to the needs of young and talented sportspeople, who can make their passion real only by obtaining funds from external sources. We hope that the activities we preform will contribute to our picture of a trustworthy, ethical and socially responsible organization.

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