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    About us Partner Systems Ltd has been operating as a company since 2000. It specializes in manufacturing filtering devices for water purification in crisis situations (natural disasters, terrorist attacks, accidental or deliberate water contamination) and devices for storing drinkable water in field.
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    Sponsorship See to whom and how we help! The Polish Red Cross, foundations, schools and sportspeople. We believe that good done to others always comes back to good people.
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    Awards and Distinctions Check what we have achieved, learn our results! Due to our quality policy, we have been awarded with certificates, prizes and distinctions!
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Quality Policy

Partner Systems market success depends on how our clients regard our products and services compared to their needs and expectations.

Therefore, the quality goal of our organization is to manufacture and deliver steel products (including the ones made of stainless steel) and low and middle-sized aluminum products as well as devices for water treatment and storage, which:

• meet our clients' needs and expectations;
• are up-to-date, reliable and safe;
• are made on bases of tested technologies and high-quality certified components;
• are made upon supervised processes;
• are offered at competitive prices;
• are timely delivered;
• are constantly upgraded.

Our quality goals are obtained by:

• using, developing and constantly upgrading quality assurance system based on PN-ES ISO 9001:2009 and AQAP 2110:2009;
• setting up and enhancing cooperation with our suppliers and clients;
• systematical motivating, developing qualifications and experience of our staff;
• full involvement of our staff to their tasks;
• relentless advancement of our manufacturing processes and patterns of work by introducing new technologies and upgrading the manufacturing equipment;
• monitoring the clients' satisfaction.

Responsibility for the quality is divided by all workers through purposeful division of tasks and the authority.

The manager is responsible for setting-up and continuation of the quality assurance policy and creating conditions for all employees to be fully involved in reaching the goals. It also means ensuring tools for policy implementation including drawing, development and upgrading the quality system.

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