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The PetroPartner tanks are designed for storage and distribution of diesel oil. PetroPartner is made of steel in two-layer technology, which grants a protection against an oil leak or an unauthorized access. Special design of the external part of the tank grants durability and high resistance to mechanical damage. Each PetroPartner in a basic option is equipped with a vent valve, a level indicator, a suction filter, a pump filter and a 4-meter-long distribution hose. The tanks are painted yellow 1028 RAL, optionally they can come in any RAL colour.

Steel or plastic tanks? Compared to plastic, steel tanks are distinctly more durable against pressing or direct impact. It is crucial when being transported (for example when they are carried by a fork-lift truck, as there is a hazard of damaging the tank with a fork). Moreover, unlike tanks made of plastics, the PetroPartner tanks come with handles, which enable them to be carried with HDS system (pick-up truck lift) or any other crane device.

The tank is a perfect choice for any enterprise which requires substantial quantity of diesel oil, such as construction, logistic, transportation and courier companies, as well as manufacturing business with own car fleet or farming industry with own agricultural machinery. Our tanks have proved their value in any place, where there is a constant demand for diesel oil (even of little quantity, but with high frequency) – for example gasoline-powered chainsaws or diesel generators. PetroPartner enables you a wholesale purchase of fuel at a better price. Our tanks are not just an expense, they are solid investment.

Petro Partner grants impressive opportunities regarding work patterns. Due to a wholesale price of fuel and no need for a repetitive drive to a petrol station our tank substantially reduces costs even for a company owning a few diesel oil vehicles.

The mobile model of PetroPartner 1.0 tank allows for refueling in any place. It is a proficient solution for servicing heavy equipment such as tractors, excavators and cranes at their place of work as the tank prevents their idle time.

PetroPartner Soft

PetroPartner Soft is a range of folding containers made of flexible materials designed for storing huge amounts of diesel oil and other inflammables.

The tanks come with fully equipped for filling (hoses + Camlock valves) and distribution (hoses + pomp + meter + distribution nozzle). The equipment allows for setting a quick connection between the tanks and peripherals.

An additional sump tray made of plastics grants protection against accidental leakages of fuel polluting the environment. The tray can take twice as much petrol as the tank itself, which guarantees 100% safety.

For transportation the tanks together with their equipment are packed in aluminum boxes. PetroPartner Soft has rounded sides for even distribution of hydrostatic pressure while being filled, what results in longer life of the tanks. The tanks are reusable, they endure filling 10% above the nominal capacity and constant contact with fuel and external dust and dirt. Each tank's durability and tightness are thoroughly examined before delivery.

Specification: PetroPartner Soft*
Capacities: 1 000 - 90 000 l
Material weight: 1500 - 2500 g/m3
Weight with boxes: ~ 250 - 650 kg
* Approximate specifications for a wide range of tanks

PetroPartner Lite

PetroPartner Lite tanks are designed for storage and distribution of diesel oil. Unlike other offered tanks, the Lite tanks are made in single-layer technology, what results in a substantial mass reduction for the mobile petrol station.

One-layer diesel oil tanks are made of steel and painted in RAL 2000 colour (light orange) or, optionally, any other RAL colour. The tank is a better alternative compared to plastic one-layer tanks, especially in terms of durability, quality (manufactured in Poland), beauty and equipment.

PetroPartner Lite is basically equipped with a 12/24V pump with a flow rate of 45 l/min, a 3- digit mechanical meter (Accuracy: +/- 1% of reading) and an automatic distribution nozzle. Optionally it can be built over a single axle trailer, what allows for independent transportation of diesel oil free of additional legal requirements (up to 1000l).

Specification: PetroPartner Lite 1.0
Dimensions: [width x length x height]: 1100 x 1100 x 1250 mm
Weight: 280 kg
Capacity: 950 l

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