StorePartner Clothes Systems for collecting second-hand clothes.
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Clothes containers

We would like to offer you containers for second-hand clothes. The containers are used for collecting clothes outdoors. The StorePartner containers are equipped with protection against unauthorized access. They also meet the highest standards and are certified with European CE certificate. Our containers are made of 1.2 mm thick galvanized steel sheet with the zinc coating – Z 250. They are painted any RAL colour along with our client's request.

All containers are equipped with:
- a galvanized closure (a padlock)
- a water drainage system: hood + holes
- a loading basket with a durable galvanized handle
- stable hot-dip galvanized feet
- a supporting mechanism for closing and opening the basket
- bolted and galvanized hinges
- the bottom of the container protected against corrosion
- a gabled roof

Optionally, we offer:
- a stamping trademark of the purchaser
- PVC laminated foil wrapping with any advertising (resistant to weather conditions and UV rays)
- galvanizing the internal components
- installation of additional internal flooring – hardwood
- hooks for transportation by a crane
- a mobile version : on a single-axle trailer or a hand truck
- different shapes of the roof:

Safety is provided by a special closing protecting the padlock against cuts and bursting.
Dimensions: 1150 x 1200 x 2200 [mm]
Weight: 160 kg

Shoe Containers

We also offer containers for second-hand shoes. The shoe containers are made in a similar technology to the clothes containers (materials, painting, lock, feet). They can be set as an addition to clothes containers or separately. Optionally, we can design and make a veneer, a mobile version or different shapes of a roof.
Dimensions: 790 x 748 x 1235 [mm]
Weight: 80 kg

**It relates to a container made of sheet 1 mm thick when contracted at least 480 pcs.

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